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Theater Events
Boston, MA
Bring It! Live
Shaping Sound
(all events in Boston, MA...)

Chicago, IL
Bring It! Live
Chicago Dance Crash
Dance For Life
Giordano Dance Chicago
(all events in Chicago, IL...)

Las Vegas, NV
Astudia Dance World: Color My World
Dancing With The Stars
Henderson Dance Academy: The Wonderful World of Dance
Move Live On Tour: Julianne & Derek Hough
Shaping Sound
(all events in Las Vegas, NV...)

London, England
(all events in London, England...)
Los Angeles, CA
Bring It! Live
Fantasm - Odyssey of Dreams
Gevorkian Dance Academy
Jacob Jonas The Company
Jesus Carmona
Kayamanan Ng Lahi Philippine Folk Arts
Kutturan Chamoru Foundation
Move Live On Tour: Julianne & Derek Hough
Pacifico Dance Company
Shaping Sound
Synchopated Ladies
Tzu Chi
Viver Brasil
(all events in Los Angeles, CA...)

New York, NY
Kazunori Kumagai
Step Ya Game Up
(all events in New York, NY...)
San Diego, CA
Body Rock Dance Competition: Homecoming
Dancing With The Stars
Neisha's Dance Academy: Broadway Magic
(all events in San Diego, CA...)

San Francisco, CA
(all events in San Francisco, CA...)

Seattle, WA
Bring It! Live
Burien Dance Theatre: Applause
(all events in Seattle, WA...)

Toronto, Ontario
The Leslieville School of Dance: Year End Performance
(all events in Toronto, Ontario...)

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